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Many times, in the middle of the week, I realized that I had completely forgotten about that appointment I scheduled many months ago. I wished I could get an email on Sundays with a summary of my next week events. Since I didn’t find anything that did just that in a simple way, I decided to create it myself! πŸš€

I picked React with Javascript (for a faster development) for the frontend and Golang for the backend (I love Go and don’t get the chance to use it on my job).

Then I used Supabase for authentication and storing data, Stripe for the payments/subscriptions part, and Postmark for sending emails.

I initially hosted this on AWS using EKS, but decided to move to something cheaper and easier to deploy/maintain, so I moved to Digital Ocean App Platform - I’m very happy with this choice.

It was a very fun project that allowed me to learn a bunch of new skills and do things that I normally don’t get the chance to do.

Here’s an example of a digest I received:

screenshot of digest email
Example calendar digest I received.

Afonso Raposo
Afonso Raposo
Based in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a Biomedical Engineer converted to Software Engineering. I love learning new things and tinkering with technology. I have 2 cats 😸😸 ENFP-A