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AI-Based mHealth App for Covid-19 or Cardiac Diseases Diagnosis andPrognosis

Abstract #

Covid-19 has rapidly spread and affected millions of people worldwide. For that reason, the public healthcare system was overwhelmed and underprepared to deal with this pandemic. Covid-19 also interfered with the delivery of standard medical care, causing patients with chronic diseases to receive subpar care. As chronic heart failure becomes more common, new management strategies need to be developed. Mobile health technology can be utilized to monitor patients with chronic conditions, such as chronic heart failure, and detect early signs of Covid-19, for diagnosis and prognosis. Recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, have increased the capacity of data analytics, which may now be utilized to remotely conduct a variety of tasks that previously required the physical presence of a medical professional. In this work, we analyze the literature in this domain and propose an AI-based mHealth application, designed to collect clinical data and provide diagnosis and prognosis of diseases such as Covid-19 or chronic cardiac diseases.

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